TBS Tradix is a renowned translations and legalization agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We do lightening and high-quality translations at reasonable prices.
We provide professional translation and legalization services since 1996 to respond to your needs.
Call us for free translation and legalization counselling!

Written translations

Писмени преводи от ТБС Традикс

Certified written translation of any type of documents. Specialized translation. Law, finance and over 20 more spheres.

Conference interpreting

Устни преводи от ТБС Традикс

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at conventions, workshops, business meetings, negotiations, live TV and radio broadcasts.

Translations and legalization

Преводи и легализация от ТБС Традикс

Translation and legalization in a package, including certified document translation and legalization.

Programs and promotions

Agency program

Joining the program will bring you a flow of agency fees from TBS Tradix and you will enjoy the gratitude of your relatives and friends.

Companies and organizations

With this package you will enjoy: professional written and oral translations, document legalization, free courier service and a host of other benefits.

The more...

Grab your TBS Tradix Client’s Card at your first visit to our office. You will be offered a discount even with your very first order and it will get cheaper and cheaper for you with every subsequent order.

Your benefits

  • Every-client-matters attitude;
  • Competence and quality certificates.
  • Flexible and convenient services
  • Permanent control and feedback
  • Express services.
  • Free delivery to your office
  • Additional discounts and bonuses
  • Discount of 18% for new clients
  • Client card

Clients and Partners

Our clients write

„…TBS Tradix proved to be a reliable partner, fulfilling its obligations in a conscientious and discreet way.“
Georgi Deyanov, CEO, Eko Bulgaria EAD
„…We use specialized services such as document legalization, translation editing and review. TBS Tradix’s team have always been nice.“
Georgi Chorbov, Attorney-at-law
„…The TBS Tradix Translation Agency is a correct partner you can count on. Its employees are very cheerful, responsible and competent employees.“
Yulia Dimitrova, Chief Secretary, Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency
„…On the basis of our long-standing professional collaboration, we recommend TBS Tradix as a high-quality localization agency with a broad expertise.“
Natalia Dimitrova, Managing Partner, Dimitrova & partners law firm
„…We reaffirm our conviction that every client can count on the experience, professionalism and quality of TBS Tradix.“
Yordanka Karapetrova, CFO, IMO Property Investments Sofia EAD
„…All our orders have been carefully completed within the deadlines set. The document translation and legalization has been professional.“
Emil Angelov, Deputy CEO, Piraeus Bank