Please remember – sometimes things just get lost in translation. Here are 12 of the funniest translation fails:



Let`s get started!





          1. And take your forest with you.

translation fail 1.1

2. Care those behaviours of yours.
translation fail 1

         3. Meat muscle bean sprouts.

translations fails 3

4. I’ll take one whatever, please.
translations fails 6

5. You really wouldn’t want to see this.
translation fail 4.

6. Watch out for that missing foot.
translation fail 5.1

         7. If you are going to fall then do it carefully.

translation fail 7

8.  Sorry. What?
translation fail 8

         9. Be careful of the safety.


10. You are not getting any.
translations fails 8

          11. So enlightening.

translation fail 11

          12. Not going to help with a fire situation.

translations fails 2

Have a fun day! :)

12 of the funniest translation fails Ралица Цингова